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Last Updated on 17th July , 2018.

In terms of Android, Rooting is a process by which the device (technically) unlocks itself for the current user. The user, then referred to as a Superuser, gets all the privileges and rights in order to get the entire (100%) access of the system. With root access, a person can tweak with the internal settings, delete root files and do a lot of stuff with the smartphone (or tablet). KingRoot is a great app that allows the users to root their Android device easily and for free. Download KingRoot APK file online for free today.

Going back to rooting, when done correctly, you will get the ultimate access to each and every file on your device, and will be able to use special apps with which you can tweak your device thoroughly. Once your Android device gets rooted, you can do almost every kind of customization as you feel like doing. You can install ad-blockers, overclock the CPU or RAM, and lower your device’s battery consumption and tons of other cool features as well. But there is a catch; in order to root an Android device, there are certain steps (that often get quite complex) that are needed to be followed. This includes – booting up your device into recovery mode, installing boot-loader files, installing the recovery, creating a backup and manually flashing your phone at the perfect time using a flashing software (that is installed on a PC). Just because of so many complications, people prefer to stay away from rooting because there are so many threats involved here. The device might get stuck in boot-loop, all the previous data might get lost, the warranty gets void and even the processor crashes sometimes. In order to overcome this, KingRoot was launched, that allows the users to root their Android devices with just a few touches without any external assistance (like PC or laptop). You can download KingRoot app APK file online for free.

Smartphones have become a necessity today. There are over 300 million Android smartphone users in the world today and every passing day, this count keeps on increasing by tens of thousands. We use smartphones for many activities that include not just calling or texting but many other greater things like surfing the web, booking tickets, listening to music, watching movies, sending and receiving money and emails, and playing high quality video games as well. With so much things at your fingertips, we need to have proper admin access on your device. This is exactly what rooting blesses you with. With rooting, you have 100% access on each and everything on your Android device. Basically, once you root your device, you will a demigod for all the features and customizations for your device. KingRoot is one of the very few apps that allow you to root your device very easily and for free (others being Framaroot and Root Master). Download KingRoot APK file online for free.

Is Rooting Safe?

Rooting is a completely safe process (if carried out properly). Many forums and people will tell you that rooting is unsafe and should not be done, but it is not even a wee bit correct. When you root your device with apps like KingRoot, Framaroot and Root Master, there is very little chance that you will harm your Android smartphone or tablet. Rooting is a great way to get complete hold of your Android device and you can do plenty of crazy stuff with your device after it gets rooted. Thus, if carried out correctly and safely, rooting is a very easy and absolutely safe to perform task, and if done with KingRoot, it becomes a lot of fun. Download KingRoot APK file online for free.

About KingRoot-

KingRoot is an Android app that (as the name suggests) allows you to root your Android device (tablet or smartphone) with just a few taps on screen. Unlike many other rooting apps and softwares, KingRoot does not require any connection to a computer or laptop. All you need to do is – download and install the KingRoot APK file on your Android smartphone (or tablet) and you are good to go! With KingRoot installed on your device, you can easily root and unroot your Android device with just a few touches. The interface is very easy to understand and the app is barely 5 MB in size, so installing and running it on any device that has Android 4.0.1 and above is very easy.

It is an amazing tool for all those who wish to root their Android device. It supports almost every single Android smartphone and tablet. KingRoot not only roots your device, but it even helps on unrooting an already rooted device. After you have rooted your device, you can still use KingRoot to use it a personal toolkit that helps you carry out a lot of root functions. These root functions include – overclocking, tweaking the battery, performance, tweaking the RAM, deleting system files and apps, and even changing the IMEI code and installing other ROMs.

In fact, you make your Motorola device boot up as a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Thus, many similarly cool features can be found on KingRoot and tons of things can be performed using KingRoot on Android. Download the KingRoot app today!

Features of KingRoot-

KingRoot app comes loaded with a lot of features that enhance your user experience and make your Android usability better. You can do a lot things with KingRoot installed on your device. You should not regard KingRoot merely as an app that allows you to root Android devices, but it even has a lot of other use as well. Thus, here is a list of all the features of KingRoot app-

  • It will speed up your device by timely clearing the RAM and freeing the cache memory. Android smartphones and tablets do not have much RAM and cache memory (unless it is the OnePlus 5T, lol) and often do many of the Android device users find themselves in such a situation where there is no memory left. As a result of which the device hangs, lags and freezes. To get rid of this, KingRoot app has an embedded memory cleaner that is responsible to timely clean the memory and make the Android device cleaner and faster.
  • KingRoot app also acts as a battery saver. Not only does it clean the memory, but it quietly runs in the background and monitors your device’s usage. If the usage is heavy, it turns on the performance mode (to yield maximum performance) and when you are not using your device, it turns on the power saver mode (to provide maximum battery life). It is a great feature of the app that is greatly appreciated.
  • You can remove all the bloatware softwares with KingRoot. Since it roots your device, you can remove all the gaudy OS elements like transitions, icons and sounds and give your Android smartphone (or tablet) a cleaner, stock-Android type look (appearance). Not only does this bloatware make your device slower, but it even takes up a lot of storage space that can be used to store other useful applications and stuff. Thus, KingRoot also acts as your personal bloatware remover.
  • With KingRoot installed on your Android device, you can perform easy backups of the entire device without any issue. Google only provides you with 15 GB of cloud storage, whereas other clouds charge a lot of money for parts of their storage. To overcome that, with KingRoot you can increase your device’s storage space and keep full backups without worrying about running out of storage space.
  • You can also block ads that are predominant in a lot of Android apps and games using KingRoot. Not only do are these ads annoying, but it also gets a lot frustrating to manually disable all these baseless ads. Thus, with KingRoot installed on your device, you can easily remove all these ads with just a touch. Apart from that, you can also install a number of third part ad blockers once your device gets rooted.
  • With KingRoot, you get the full power to customize your Android device. You can install ROMs, add themes, delete system apps, install new system apps, swap internal and external memories and do a lot of great things with your device. You can do a lot of stuff with your device using KingRoot. Download KingRoot APK file online for free and root your device in no time.

How to Install KingRoot on Android?

The users can download and install the app manually via its APK file and the processes involved is known as ‘side-loading’. Due to its unavailability on Google Play Store, you can download the app online. Just like other Android apps, this app would also be downloaded in APK format (Android Application Package). To do side-loading, follow these steps-

  • On your Android device, go to Settings, open Security Settings.
  • There, enable installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Locate the APK file present on your Android device.
  • Open it, click on install.
  • Once installed, run the app.

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