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Today , In the world of smart phones where everyone is having a really hectic schedule , People spend their Free time by Playing Games On their smartphones . But what if you have to pay to Get those games from the sources ? We’ve got the best Alternative for Google Play Store and that’s non other than 9Apps Android Store.

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Where you can download all the paid games for completely free and that’s the best feature of 9Apps & 9Apps Android Store. From GTA To all the racing games to all the Arcade ones , you can get all the Android Games for completely free , The Games are categorised for the better user interaction and best experience A user can Have.

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Gone are those days where portable gaming was done on portable gaming consoles like the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Gameboy and PlayStation Vita. Today, apart from platform gaming consoles, smartphones and tablets have become quite popular for gaming. Credits go to the phenomenal hardware embedded in it, which handles gaming fluidly. Thus, game developers shifted their approach from the more mainstream platform gaming to smartphones and tablets, and users (and gamers) are more than obliged. One such popular mystery and puzzle game is Criminal Case. In Criminal Case, you investigate over a hundred crime scenes, examine all the clues found and search for new ones, analyse the already found clues in the laboratory, interrogate witnesses and suspects, arrest criminals, and finally, solve the case. Thus, download Criminal Case today and feel like a true detective. And download 9Apps

Let’s see one of the most searched Games On 9Apps Android Apps

Top 5 Games available for free download on 9Apps and 9Apps Games.

  • Criminal Case 9Apps Games

9Apps Games: Criminal Case is the number one mystery game for Android, where you take role of a detective set to solve some dreadful murder cases. With Criminal Case, you take the role of a police investigator from Grimsborough, appointed to solve a series of murder cases. The player is supposed to hunt the place for possible clues, interrogate witnesses, gather evidence, and arrest the convicted targets. Thus, get ready to explore your detective side. The game is compatible with almost every Android powered smartphone (Android 4.0.1 or above). The game is 100% free to play, but certain elements and boosts can be purchased with real money as well. You will find plenty of hints and clues hidden at the crime scenes, so wear your Sherlock Holmes hat, and get ready to live the detective life. The game has had over 500 million downloads (solely for Android) and is regarded as the best mystery game for a smartphone or tablet.

Features of Criminal Case-

You get to solve some of the most grave murder cases in the city of Grimsborough. Investigate the crime scenes, collect evidence and put the convicts behind bars.

The game also features multiplayer mode where you get to compete with your friends. Compare scores and try to top the leader chart.

You search for clues and examine other evidence just to find the murderer. Thus, the game features hours of gameplay which never gets old or boring.

You get to interrogate witnesses and suspects, and solve some of the dreadful criminal cases. Finally, you get to bring the killer behind bars.

Find all the clues and evidences and solve the mystery case. Bring the suspect to custody and question him. Thus, this game is free to play, and is regarded as the best mystery game in the world.

Take help from witnesses, interrogate the suspects, find clues, and bring justice to the people of Grimsborough by putting the criminals behind bars.

Download the game today if you wish to experience the best mystery game on Android. The game is barely 55 MB in size, so it will not occupy much space on your device as well. Download it and become the greatest investigator of all time.

How to install Criminal Case From 9Apps Games ? 

You can download and install 9Apps APK From 9Appsapk.com

Once the Installation is Complete You Can search for Criminal Case And Can click on download button to Download Criminal Case ! that’s the beauty of 9Apps, so simple to download.

  • School Driving 3 android game download from 9Apps Game

School Driving 3D is an android game which tests your driving skills but throwing different driving and parking challenges at you. You need to complete different tasks all through out the game to level up and earn credits and to prove yourself pro driver. There are number of vehicles which are available in the game. Choose anyone of your choice and start playing. School Driving 3 is basically a driving simulation game which is available for both android and iOS for free. You can download it from 9Apps Games.


Neat graphics.

Addictive game with awesome game play experience.

Number of cars, buses to choose from.

Free to download and install from 9Apps app store.

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  • Color Switch 9Apps Games free download 9Apps

It is a very cool game where you have to safe the color balls from different obstacles. It has a very beautiful appearance and is very addictive also.


Easy to play, one tap control.

Suitable for all age groups.

Amazing graphics and cool animation.

Free to download and play from 9Apps Games.

Music plays in background while you enjoy this game.

Offers various game modes.

  • Download Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia from 9Apps

Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia is a multiplayer FPS shooter game for android and iOS users. A maximum of 6 players can play at a time without internet. There are both training and survival modes available. There are numerous weapons available all throughout the game. It is based on original stickman series The Doodle Army. It is a 2D shooting game. Download now from 9Apps Games.


In-app purchase available to buy more cool and advanced weapons.

Earn scores in survival mode which can be redeemed later. You can weapons which those scores.

Multiplayer mode can support a maximum of 6 players at a time.

Single, stand alone mode is also available for practise sessions.

Three different game play modes are available – Training School, Candidate School and Survival.


  • War Robots Download form 9Apps Games

War Robots is similar to Mini Militia. It is an adventure filled multiplayer game. 6 players can play this game at a time in multiplayer mode. It is a third person shooter game which can be downloaded from 9Apps app. The game is played bewteen 2 teams, each team having 6 players each. One team is monsters and other teams have humans. They need to kill each other and the team with maximum kills wins.


Download 9Apps and get this game for free from 9Apps Games.

Each game battle lasts for 10 minutes.

Wide range of weapons are available to choose from.

A total of 20 weapons are available.

Download best android games from 9Apps Games now.

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