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Last Updated on 11th Febraury 2019

9AppsApp latest version – 2018

App Name9Appsapp Android App Store
File size2.7MB

9Apps: About

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9Apps or 9Apps APK is an Android Application store by Alibaba Group that has around 97 million users worldwide and is very much popular in countries like India and Indonesia. It was developed with the aim to provide android Applications to the users for completely free. The users had to pay to install some android Apps and Games on Google Play Store whereas Download 9App is completely free of cost, an individual don’t have to pay a single penny and can download any Application he wants. That’s a lovely work done by Alibaba Company. Today it is considered as one of the best alternative of google play store due to the features it provide. The users need to register to 9Apps and then they can find almost everything they want in a much organised manner. It has a very separate section for everything like Paid Apps, Games, Ringtones, Music, Videos, Wallpapers and what not. . You can find more about 9App App from our FAQ section.

People nowadays tend to believe in smart work rather than hard work. They tend to find things which are easy to reach. With smart work, they aim towards extracting a larger amount of work from a smaller thing. In the relevancy of tech industries, app stores look forward to providing a large number of features and facilities to its users. Primarily used app store, Google play store, it one of the best in terms of providing a large variety of applications. But as it is truly said not everything that shines is gold, Google play store does have some setbacks. In order to fill the marks left by Google play store, 9apps somehow inclined itself for providing a little more out of the box than Google play store.

More about 9Apps APK

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Install 9Apps was released in the year 2013, and since then it has gained a lot of popularity around the globe. According to stats present on its official website, more than 20 million Apps and games are downloaded daily from 9Apps APK. 9Apps may be quite young to its competitor, i.e. Google Play Store, but it has still managed to gain a lot of traction and popularity among android community.

As we all are already aware that there are plenty of other Apps stores also in the market, but no one can beat 9Apps. It is a specially crafted Android App store which fulfils all the Apps and games need of an Android user.

9Apps App Size and User Interface

The Install 9App APK is just 4 MB in size and this tiny size of 9AppsAPK is another thing that the users finds really convenient and comfortable to download and install. Also this small sized application provides you with the best trending and recommended Android apps and games. It provides you the recommendations about the Apps you have searched earlier based on your search history. That is a pretty smart feature of 9App Download Android Store. The user interface is beautiful and really easy to use. All you need to do after installing this Beautiful App Store is to search for the android App you are looking for and you will get all the relevant content. Even when you are suffering with slow internet, this provides high download and browsing speed.

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System Requirements: The latest version of 9Apps APK  is capable of getting installed and running properly on almost all the Android and Windows devices, also you can download 9Apps on your system via BlueStacks but yes when it comes to Android you need to have Android v2.3 or higher To run this app store, 9App will work really smoothly on your device .

Every day we get to see some good kind of development in smartphones technology, iOS, Android, Windows and therefore the developers come with something really awesome. In the world full of applications, how can an individual think of living without installing such kind of apps?

9Apps , One stop destination for Android Apps ?

9apps is one stop destinations for all your preferences regarding applications. Its full hub, where you can download a vast variety of applications from various genres, From arcade to Adventure, everything you can find on Google play store is available under a small interface.9apps’s applications and the 9app itself in the apk format which tends to create a much larger space in your device’s storage despite carrying a variety of applications. With a feature of data compression, it looks forward to its users to download any application in lowest of data connectivity zone. Now you don’t have to worry about losing a large amount of data. it also works on the lowest data connectivity as possible. Unlike Google play store, it gives access to its users to navigate applications in 7 regional languages including, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and a few more. So to operate the application you don’t have to rely on simply one language. Along with a good language support interface, 9apps provides 100% translation accuracy and reliability.

Talking about smart work, there is always a price to pay after something great. Even many applications on Google play store aren’t free. In contrary applications on 9 apps does not cost a single penny, Each and every application present on 9 apps is free. Unlike other app stores, 9 apps does not allow its users to fulfil any kind of eligibility criterions. No matter what android version you are working on, you are getting everything same as others . 9apps always tries to put its best foot forward in providing everything best for its users. it comes with a simple and combat interface, which is well categorized and easy to navigate through.

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Features of 9Appsinstall 9apps

9Apps Features

9Apps APK is loaded with features. It is due to these features that millions of people love this app. The APK download has skyrocketed immensely in the recent years. It is solely due to the fact that it has received so many positive reviews from so many users. During its initial stages, 9Apps APK had merely around 10,000 users per day, but today, there are over 10 million users who use this app. Thus, there are some big reasons to download this app. Some of the key features of 9Apps APK are-

    • 9Apps Games Application store is nicely optimised for India and Indonesia. People living in India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh should definitely try this App for once, as it is beautifully optimised for these countries. People keep getting recommendations on a regular basis and 9Apps keep them updated about the trending Applications and games.
    • The 9Appstore is compatible with almost all the smartphones and tablets. So, as long as your device has Android OS (4.0.1 or above), or Windows (any version) it is not going to disappoint you at all. BlueStacks users please note that after you have installed BlueStacks on your Windows powered computer, you have to restart it once to make it work properly. To install 9Apps on Windows, simply drag the .APK file to your BlueStacks menu and it will get installed automatically. Thus, if you want to be a part of the UC family, Download 9Apps and check some hot Apps there on 9Apps best Apps  download 9Apps games today and start downloading
  • Being a very light App, being merely 3-4MB in size. It will occupy less or no storage space on your device. Being a relatively lightweight App, one will experience practically no ads and no crashing of App store.

9Apps Latest Features [ 2018 ]

    • This App store has the highest number of Apps and Games with more than 2, 00,000 Apps and games among all the 3rd party Application stores.
    • 9App uses smart technology to keep a track on what all you search and download from this App store. Based on these statistics 9Apps 2018 helps you find the best App according to your search history.
    • The 9Apps app is a very light weight app. It is due to this that it gets downloaded and installed pretty easily on each of the devices it is made to run on. Due to its small size and light weight, there will be no lags or stutters visible.
    • The interface of 9AppsAPK is very subtle. There are no bloatwares and all the options are well placed. Naïve Android users will not have a hard time in understanding and using 9Apps.
    • All the app and games are well-listed in different menus. There are categories and genres to choose from. Apart from that, users can also download ringtones, themes and millions of free wallpapers. 9Apps APK also features a great wallpaper gallery to choose from.
  • Users will get the best possible download speeds with 9Apps since there are great DNS servers that promote the downloads. Thus, hassle-free downloads is what you get from 9Apps.

9Apps APK [ Updated APK ]

    • 9AppsAPK is safe, secure and free from viruses. This means that there is nothing in this app that will make your device slower or anything. Also, there are no bloatwares in this app.
    • This app is free from micro-transactions and everything. Thus, there is no need to enter your credit card details here. There is also no need to sign up on this app. Simply download this app and start downloading stuff for free.
    • Everything in 9Apps is absolutely free of cost. The app does not charge even a single penny and this makes it a delightful app to use.
    • There are so many great features of this app that make it stand out tall everywhere. Be it the free content or the subtle interface, 9Apps has it all. Download 9Apps file online for free today.
    • Both Apps and games are divided into categories. Everything present on 9App App is reviewed by highly qualified tech professionals which thrive every single day to bring you best 9Apps games and 9Apps App to you.
    • This App smartly tracks your interaction with the App and then provides you with in-App recommendations based upon your interest and need.
    • The best and most eye catching feature of 9Apps is its games, android Apps, wallpapers. And the part is all of them, everything available on this App store is free to download.
    • 9Apps also has a huge collection of ringtones, wallpapers and songs also. As we all know the android community is the most active community that is the reason why thousands of media files are uploaded on daily basics on this android App store.
  • Price comparison between different e-com giants is yet another fresh feature of install 9Apps APK App. With this feature you can find the best deals for a product across multiple online stores.

With combat design, it has some seriously heavy stuff to provide best it can to its users. It tends to prove the slaying of “Chota packet bada damakha”

  • -Absolutely free, with no hidden cost
  • -Data compression feature
  • -Easy and combat interface
  • -in APK Formats
  • -No Android eligibility criterion
  • -7 regional languages
  • -all applications at one place
  • -Well dictated and well categorized
  • -One-step downloading

9Apps Download

9Apps for Android is a great third-party Android application store from where users can download millions of apps and games for absolutely free. It has been developed by the biggest e-commerce group in the world, Alibaba Group. 9Apps APK is the best third-party application store in the world and is laden with hundreds of great features. It is because of this that so many people love 9Apps APK and it has been downloaded over 200 million times on Android alone. 9Apps App is a completely safe to use (and to download file) that gets downloaded in no time (due to its small size). There are no viruses or whatsoever in 9Apps APK and because of this, you Android device will work completely fine. Download 9Apps Install for Android today.

9Apps Install was first released in the year 2013 as a simple application market. Its popularity grew so much due to the fact that it provided thousands of apps (and games) for free! Even giants like Google Play Store and other Android markets did not provide each and every content for free. 9Apps Download had each and every app (or game) for free, which included the premium ones. Due to this, its popularity grew and every day, more than 100,000 people started to download the 9Apps Free Download. 9Apps APK is a very popular app today and majority of its traffic is generated from south Asian countries like – India, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. Thus, if you wish to try out this app, you can download 9Apps APK online for free.

Is 9Apps APK safe to use? It is free from viruses?

Yes, absolutely! This app is completely safe to use and there are no viruses or whatsoever here. It is being used by more than a hundred million users worldwide and they have given it a great (average) rating. On an average, 9Apps APK has received an exhilarating 4.7/5, which is more than the rating received by any of the third-party app stores. Thus, with so many people using this app and the numbers increasing by millions, it is safe to say that this app is completely safe to use. It is due to this, that the app is safe to use.

Other third-party app markets are often filled with all sorts of viruses. It is highly unsafe to download stuff from those app. But, with 9Apps APK installed on your device, you will have no virus related issue again. All the apps and games that 9Apps APK features, are free from viruses and other malicious stuff. It is due to this that so many people love this app. If you have not tried 9Apps before, you can download 9Apps APK online for free.

9Apps App provide all the Apps and games which are real and completely malicious and virus free, each and every Application is tested before making live on this android Application store. People have the perception of considering the free stuff as a low quality one but in case of 9Apps, that’s completely not true. The APK files for all the Applications are completely risk free to download and install. And moreover, with the introduction of 9App fast download, issues related to safety and security of users has also been solved.


Thus, as you can already see, 9Apps APK is absolutely safe and secure to use. The features are in-tact and the app is absolutely good to use. If you wish to know more about this app, you can download the 9Apps APK online for free. It is a reliable app store that provides all the apps and stuff for free. Download it today!

Why Choose 9Apps app?

9apps games

Google Play Store being the official App store for Android platform there are millions of Apps available for download. But there are some major issues which people face while downloading Apps from Play Store. The most common is of paid android Apps. There are some Apps present on Play Store for which you need to pay some amount. This was a huge problem until the year 2013. In the year 2013, 9App Download 2018 was launched which enabled millions of Android users allowing them to download and install paid and premium Apps for free. Below are some of the major differences between 9Apps and Google Play Store.

Difference between 9Apps and Google Play Store-

      • 9Apps is a third-party app that will not come pre-loaded on your Android device. Google Play Store comes pre-loaded on every Android device (most of them).
      • 9Apps is a relatively newer app market that has been developed by Alibaba Group. It was launched around six years ago. Google Play Store is the official application/game store by Google.
      • 9Apps is best known for its free content and stuff that cannot be found on Google Play Store.
      • Each and every item on 9Apps APK is absolutely free of cost, which is not an option on Google Play Store.
      • All the apps and games (including the premium ones) are available for free on 9Apps, whereas, Google Play Store does not provide you with absolutely free apps and games.
      • The size of 9Apps is very small and thus, it does not occupy much space on Android devices. Thus, due to this small form factor, there is a very less possibility of lags and freezes.
      • It has a better looking interface than Google Play Store. This interface is also lighter and smoother.
    • All of the apps and games that have been featured here are free of cost. There is no need to worry about entering your credit card details here. Download 9Apps APK online for free today.

Below is a tabular listing of all the major differences between Google Play Store and 9Apps.

Google Play9Apps
Most of the applications and games are not for free.Each and every single app and game (including the premium ones) is for free.
Requires a lot of internal storage.Hardly requires 5MB storage space to download and install.
The user interface is full of bloatwares and is also shabby.The user interface is clean and subtle.
Availability of an app or game depends upon the region.Region-wise restrictions are not applicable here.
You can download only the current version of an app or game.It is up to you whether you wish to download the latest version (of the apps or games) or the versions before that.

9Apps info

9App APK Download for Android Devices-

How to download and install 9Apps APK APP and Install 9Apps on Android device?

To download 9AppsAPK and 9App: Below mentioned are the steps to guide you on how to download and install 9App for android on your smartphone device.

    • Download the App’s APK from here.
    • Once it gets downloaded, use a file manager and access the location where the 9AppsAPK has been downloaded. **
    • Open it and start the installation process.
  • Once it gets installed, open the App.

** Please note that to install 9App, you will have to enable the installation from unknown sources. To do that-

    • Go to Settings.
    • Open Security Settings.
    • Enable the installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Then initiate the installation

9Appsapp for Windows/Mac Devices-

9Apps APK is also available for free download on Windows and Mac. Although, there is no official file support, people can still download the BlueStacks App Player and run 9Apps APK easily on their Windows or Mac devices. It is very easy to install and to run, and thus, users will not have a hard time in downloading or installing it. All you have to do is to download (and install) the BlueStacks App Player and you are good to go. 9Apps APK is a simple app market that contains millions of Android apps. All those apps can be downloaded for absolutely free.

Downloading 9 Apps On Windows

You can download BlueStacks App Player from It is a very useful application software that allows all the Android users to download and install Android games/apps. It is a very light software application that is available for free download on Mac and Windows devices. In order to install the 9AppsAPK file, all you have to do is-

You can follow steps below to use 9Appsapk on PC:

    1. Download BlueStacks On Your Computer.
    1. Install BlueStacks.
    1. Run The Software now.
    1. Now download APK file of 9Apps on your Computer.
    1. Click on 9Appss.APK file and then the BlueStacks software will do the rest for you.
  1. You are now ready to use 9 Apps on your PC.

In case you have a Mac device, you can also download and install 9Apps APK for free. All you have to do is download 9Apps APK online and then download the Macintosh version of BlueStacks App Player. The Macintosh version is similar to the Windows version and the installation is similar to that. Anyway, after you have downloaded and installed the Macintosh version of BlueStacks App Player, do the following steps-

  1. On the BlueStacks App Player menu, click on bottom right, on Install APK.
  2. Once you will click it, you will have to find the downloaded 9Apps APK file.
  3. Open it and the installation will start.
  4. You can run the app from the BlueStacks App Player app screen.

With pros n there always comes the cons. Even providing everything best it can 9apps has some disadvantages too which can be neglected as it is providing you best of it can


Talking about advantages, it is one hell of an application to provide a vast range of applications. It offers a lot more than just downloading applications. With features like data compression, it has a privilege upon any other heavy app store. 9apps has chic and combat design which only weighs not more than 4mbs. The applications present on 9apps are in the form apk formats, which does not eat much of space in your storages and keep an empty room for more applications. And talking about the disadvantages, 9apps is a lot more than it should be, rather than being an application downloader. it has many other features which can make your downloading experience good as stars and as bad as stones too.

9Apps promotional video: More on 9Apps

Trending Apps on 9Apps APK-

There are so many great apps featured on 9Apps, but the top apps among them include-

  • VidMate on 9Apps-

vidmate download

VidMate is yet another popular Android app that lets the users download videos from YouTube (for free). The VidMate APK can be found on 9Apps APK for free. Users can download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and many other websites with the help of VidMate. Apart from that, the video quality ranges from 144p to all the way up to full HD (1080p). Thus, you can download videos with the help of VidMate in a wide range of qualities. Users can also download movies and TV series with VidMate app. Download 9Apps APK and download VidMate app from it for free.

  • UC Browser Mini on 9Apps-

uc mini

UC Browser Mini, popularly known as UC Mini is the smaller and lighter version of UC Browser. It has also been developed by Alibaba Group and because of this, it is so popular. There are so many people who use UC Mini and almost everybody has downloaded it from 9App APK. There are so many cool features of UC Mini. It is light, fast and data efficient. This makes it loved by all. There are so many features of this app. Some of them include – advanced data saver, a night mode and a video downloader. Download 9Apps APK today so that you can lay your hands on UC Browser Mini.

  • MX Player on 9Apps-

mx player download

MX Player is probably the best video player for Android devices. It is loaded with so many features. Since the time it was released, it has managed to gain quite popularity for itself. Today, it has been downloaded more than 100 million times and the numbers just keep on increasing by millions. MX Player is a very smooth video playing app that can support so many file formats. Thus, you can play so many different kinds of videos using MX Player. It also has support for software video encoder as well as hardware video encoder. Apart from that, there is also support of multi-core video rendering. The MX Player does not consume much battery and it also provides you with the best possible video playback. If you wish to try it out yourself then you can download MX Player online for free from 9Apps APK.

  • UC News on 9Apps Store

UC News Application is again a product of Alibaba Company for android is the best online news App which is in trend these days.  It is the complete News App that provides all national and International News real quick.
In India this App is being loved by the e-news lovers. Similar to 9Apps, this Application do also have categories which is distributed as , National News , International News , Sports News , Political News which again makes it Really Easy for the users to browse the Application. UC News is yet another popular app that has been developed by UCWeb. With UC News, users can get access to thousands of free news from around the world. News can be found from all over the globe and from dailies like – , Huffington Post, The New York Times, Hindustan Times, The Times of India, and The Hindu. News (video and audio, both) can be found from popular news channels like – BBC World, Al Jazeera, NDTV, ABP News and many more.

There is a ‘breaking news’ page (on the home page) that displays all the trending the latest news from around the world (including local news updates). Download 9Apps APK today to download UC News.

  • UC Browser free download from 9Appsapp Store 2018-

uc mini

UC browser is a very popular name among all the platforms. UC Browser,yet another Product of has ruled the internet since ages. Again in the world of smart computers and smart phones , UC Browser is ruling the industry of Internet browsers and According to the surveys/reports UC Browser so far has around 3 billion users across the world which is itself a very huge number. UC Browser is a well-known Android web browser. It has been developed by UCWeb, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. Alibaba Group, as most of you already know, is the parent company of 9Apps APK. UC Browser is faster, safer and more reliable than any of the Android web browsers out there. It is also quite smaller than many other Android web browser. Because of its small size, it does not lag, freeze or hang. There are so many great features of UC Browser. Some of them include: ad-block, download manager, advanced data saver, quick link to 9apps, and much more. You also get an embedded video player as well as UC News with UC Browser. Thus, download 9AppsAPK today and download UC Browser for free.

  • Download TutuApp for Android from 9Appsapk-

TutuApp is basically an Android marketplace, where the users can download all the latest and the trending Apps for free with just a click, it is similar to 9Apps but still lacks somewhere at many points. There are over 1 million Apps and games available on TutuApp and not only that, you can also download ringtones, wallpapers and themes for your Android device absolutely for free.

  • Download AliExpress on Download 9App Store-


Launched in 2010, the is an online retail Store by A Chinese Businessman SIR JACK MA. They are offering products to international online buyers. It is the one of the most visited e-commerce website in Russia and growing its market in INDIA at a very rapid speed. People buy all type of clothes, gadgets, shoes, cosmetics etc. from AliExpress which also provide all these things at a very reasonable rates. Ali Express provides free shipping as well.

  • The Dark Book (Game) on 9App Store-

The Dark Book is a free game App for Android which lets you get inside a dark village and encounter various species and weird creatures to fight with. Journey into a remote town face off with the dark powers that is on the way to destroy the town. Fight against ghouls, skeletons, mummies, zombies, reapers and the like. All you need to do is to use your powerful skills to overcome those powers and eventually reach to the target. It features offline action which is considered as best also this game has amazing graphics, a good storyline, and a lovely gameplay.

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