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There is a good news for all you guys who have been enjoying UC Browser APK on their smartphones as UC Browser is not also available on PC. You can now free download UC Browser for Windows 7, free Download UC Browser for Windows 8, free Download UC Browser for Windows 10 and UC Browser for PC free Download. They provide features which no other browser provides to their users. It is one of the most fastest and most secure web browser for android and now for Windows and Desktop versions are also available.

The PC or desktop version of UC Browser is as amazing as it is on your android phone. All those cool features are all present on Windows 7/8/10 also. There are some extra features also that are only available on PC version only, one of those features is UC Cricket where you can get the latest information, news and updates on Cricket. All live scores will be available on UC Browser for PCFree Download UC Browser for Windows 7/8/10.

uc browser for PC

Last Updated on 17th July , 2018.

UC Browser For PC on Windows (10/8.1/7) Laptop & Mac Download Free and Install

In UC Browser for PC you will get the features that are available on UC Browser for android. Plus there are some other features which are exclusively available only on PC version. So download this amazing browser now.

If you are a windows user, using windows 7/8.1/10 then it is highly recommended to download this internet browser. Because of it’s high popularity on android, UC Browser is finally available on Windows 7/8/10 for download.

Features of UC Browser for PC:

Fast and Secure web browsing: The main reason for success of UC Browser is that of it’s high downloading and browsing speed. This browser works and performs really good even on low internet connection. Another reason is it’s data consumptions. While using UC Browser you can save a lot of your internet data. It is also very secure browser helping you to stay safe and secure while you browse the internet.

No annoying ads: This is yet another amazing feature of UC browser for PC, as it serves no ad to it’s users meaning that no more annoying pop ups and banners. With this feature it makes your browsing experience more amazing.

Video playing function: Just like UC Browser for android, PC version of UC Browser will also allow you to watch videos without downloading them on your phone, therefore saving your time.

Cricket updates & news: This is one of most loved feature of UC Browser for PC as it provides you with latest live cricket score and live cricket updates right on your browser screen.

Fastest download manager in the market: As already mentioned above, UC Browser is one of the fastest web browser which provides fast internet speed while you download files from the internet.

in-built Screenshot taking tool: These days taking screenshots has become a ritual, so keeping this in mind guys at UC browser decided to include a built-in screenshot taking option.

Incognito Browsing mode available: Want to browse any site in private? 😛 and want no one to know about it? Use incognito mode in UC Browser for PC and leave no foot prints.

Customise UC Browser with free Themes and Wallpapers: There is a huge collection of themes and wallpapers which you can download to customise UC Browser. You can change the whole look and feel of the browser with this feature. So now no more boring layouts and UIs.

Steps for Downloading the UC Browser on Your PC:

Step 1: Download UC Browser for PC from downloaded button present on this page.

Step 2: After you click on download button, you download process will start.

Step 3: After downloading is complete, you will get an .exe file of UC Browser.

Step 4: Click on the downloaded file, and run it. The installation process might take some time. When finished you can access UC Browser by going to your desktop.

Steps to customise UC Browser for PC

The most amazing feature, which no other browser has it’s customising feature which lets you change the whole look of browser using custom made themes and wallpapers just for you. With this you can always feel fresh  and you won’t be ever bored of using this amazing web browser.

The process for customising your browser is very simple. All you have to do is goto settings page and download theme and wallpaper of your choice and just install it. The theme and wallpaper will be activated automatically.


After reviewing the browser, we found that it is the best web browser which is available for Windows 7/8.1/10. So don’t think much and download the best web browser now and enjoy it’s amazing features.

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