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Last Updated on 17th July , 2018.

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Indian Train City Driving- A new app by Train Games 2018, is a simulation game that has sworn to keep you addicted really bad. Based on a superb realistic environment, the stunning graphics provides a depth to the immersing plot. It is a train driving game with various graphical changing scenes like landscapes, waterscapes, mountains and so on. The controls are completely physics based, so its not really a cost to time. It is difficult to play because of minute tricks and perhaps that’s what makes it so addictive. This game usually remain on the top of the top games list and its 5 star rating tells a lot about it.

City racing 3D- This addictive game tests your skills and determination and your will to complete each and every level. The graphics and detailed sound effects are mesmerizing bgg enough to get yourself lost in the game. 9Apps games on City Racing 3D offers amazing fleet of playing components such as a large number of cars, powers, energy and so on to keep you looking forward to what’s next. With each level new add ons are unlocked and this optimism encourages the gamer to look on for more, leaving the player hooked like anything.

Cut the fruit- Cut the fruit is a kind of never ending physics based arcade game in which a gamer has to use time measuring and speed skills to slice objects like fruits into pieces, avoiding obstacles like bombs and bad fruits. This game is fiercely trending these days and you will find almost everyone hooked to this game all the time. The gamers are totally loving it by their heart and its smooth interface does not crash at all. 9Apps games Perhaps for this reason Cut the fruit has never let its players down. Cut the fruit tests your intricate concentration and after all, games just improve your mental skills!

Zombie Roadkill 3D- Zombie Roadkill 3D covers a stunning storyline that intrigues the gamer to delve in more. Its 3D environment is a bit violent in graphics where you end up in an apocalypse. To survive all you have to do is to shoot zombies through various shooting components and power supports and intricately designed weapons that truly fill the gamer with a shooting enthusiasm. This 9Apps games  game is always at the top of all other action games in the list which is way too numerous.

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Impossible bike 3D- Impossible bike 3D is a simulation game where it is a challenge to ride your bike through the seemingly impossible looking tracks that are really curvy and round. Just one diversion and you lost. The game offers high quality weapons and more bikes as you step upwards through the challenge. The stunning gameplay and plot is a cherry to the cake, which is the interactive and amazing scenery and background. Realistic sound effects make you feel that you yourself is entering into the game. Most importantly, it improves your driving and concentration skills in terms of biking.

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