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Last Updated on 17th July , 2018.

Smartphones and tablet users often have issues with the performance and battery life of their devices, which gets quite annoying at times. Those lags, sudden freezes, and weird battery drains are very infuriating and leaves one with no alternative than to uninstall all the heavy apps. Agreed, but what if your favourite apps start coming in a lighter, swifter version? Well, one such app is Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite is considered as the best social media app which is fast, reliable, saves battery life, and it also does not freeze.

About Facebook Lite-

Facebook is the most common (and most widely used) social media platform in the world. Almost 99% of the people who own a smartphone or tablet, use Facebook or its services one way or the other. Thus, Facebook is that one social platform which connects people from around the world to each other. Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has seen quite a significant progress in terms of development and social outreach. Thus, it made the company launch a number of services and apps, all of which have proven to be quite successful.

Facebook Lite .apk download is the ‘lighter’ version of the well-known Facebook app, for Android. As we all know, Android phones are much more complex when it comes to handling tasks, since there are so many background processes involved. Because of that, many apps have trouble in coping up with the performance and in the end it does not suffice. Result, lagging, freezing, and crashing of the apps.

Some app are responsible for draining the battery life of the phone since a lot of work needs to be done by the processor and moreover, Android OS, to maintain a steady balance for its running. This causes more work load on the OS and as a result,the battery drains. Thus, Facebook Lite is the Facebook app which will not drain battery life, or cause your device to lag or freeze, and it also will save a lot of internet data on your device. So, download the app today and experience Facebook with this better, lighter version of the app.

Features of Facebook Lite-

  • Facebook Lite is entirely Facebook, since it has been developed for the same team behind the Facebook app for Android. The only difference is that this version of the app is lighter, and because of that, it saves a lot of battery life and it even saves your internet data.
  • You can use Facebook normally with this app, as it does not load the high resolution version of the media displayed on Facebook. Instead, it uses data compression technology which causes it to display the same content enough to keep you entertained while saving data.
  • You can write posts, share videos and photos, get notified about friend requests, events, interact with your friends, comment, share, like, save photos, and do whatever you can in a Facebook app; it will just be more concise and oriented towards maintaining your device’s performance and saving data and battery life.
  • Unlike the original Facebook app, where you have to download Messenger differently, Facebook Lite has an embedded messenger feature which allows you to chat with your friends using only a single app.
  • Download Facebook Lite today and start saving battery life, along with maintaining your smartphone or tablet’s performance, and since the app is a lighter version, the file size is less than 10 MB. Viola!

How to install Facebook Lite?

  • Download the .APK file online, then save it to a secure location on your device.
  • Enable Installation from Unknown Sources. To do that, go to Settings > Security Settings. There, click on Enable Installation from Unknown Sources to enable the aforementioned setting.
  • Using a file manager**, search for the downloaded .APK file and then install it.
  • Either launch it directly from the app tray or create a home-screen shortcut for faster access.
  • Enjoy! J

** Note – If you do not have a file manager installed on your device, download one from our website.

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