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Last Updated on 17th July , 2018.

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Cartoon HD App : By 2010, more than fifty million people had resorted themselves to entertainment media (precisely, movies and television series). Buying expensive TVs, buying a premium cable network connection, going to movie theatres and spending big bucks had become so old fashioned. Television cable connections had become a thing of yesterday; a new source had started taking over the genre, the digital video on demand entertainment (VOD) (Download cartoon HD App for Free!) . Movies, shows and what not was available at just a click/touch. Plenty of applications had paved their way to the internet (and as downloadable apps, of course) and people were going gaga over it. Netflix, HBO Go etc. were becoming popular. There was just one major drawback that those websites/apps had, all the content either had to purchased or rented from the providers. These providers charged huge amounts and not everybody could afford that much. It was time for a messiah to show up, time for a revolutionary to help people. Such a revolutionary-app known as Cartoon HD apk for android showed up on the Apple App Store and became an overnight success.

Cartoon HD App : First, about Cartoon HD apk app; it was launched in 2013 (on Apple’s App Store) and made quite a buzz for itself. Free access to all the favourite shows, cartoons and movies? The internet went crazy over it. So much buzz that it was shut down after a year. The app, tough illegal, was the need of the time and it did make an impact. A few weeks later, it appeared as a website and steps were taken to take it down. Anyway, the app still persists (if one is able to find it on the web) and is available for a wide variety of platforms like iOS and Android. The app was taken down from Google Play, App Store and even from their main site, Gappcenter. This rose frustration among the fans and after sometime uploaders came up with another alternative. The users can download and install the cartoon hd app manually via its .APK file (for Android) and the processes involved is termed as ‘side-loading’, and an entirely different method is involved when downloading and installing it on iOS (processes will be discussed in detail, later). The apps are available on plenty of websites ranging from Torrents to other P2P websites and a smart Google search will help. Just search for ‘Cartoon HD’ and links will be shown either for the app or even the website. The website they are using currently is and as said earlier, they provide free streaming/downloading of movies, shows, sports etc. (just like the app). 

Why to download Carton HD App for Android?

Well, the answer is quite simple; time is precious, and so is money. Talking of money, not everybody is always willing to spend big bucks on movie streaming, renting or downloading. What Cartoon HD app does is, it allows users to watch free movies and shows sans any nuisance. Talking of giants like Netflix and HBO Go, not only do they charge huge amounts for stuff, they become really inconvenient when they charge different amounts for different types of users. Cartoon HD for android strikes off that vexation. Not only is Cartoon HD App is free of cost, but hassle free as well. No address needed, no bank account details needed, no long term policies, no conditions applied; what else does a viewer require? The only con with the app was its Robin Hood-like nature. Providing the expensive content on the internet for free was a sin for the creators and the app was taken down from Play Store and App Store as well. All the matter was illegal copyright content, hence it posed threat to the ‘video on demand’ services. Little did the creators know that the app would revolutionize the internet. Well, it did, and to such an extent that almost half of the internet world uses Cartoon HD apk app.

Is Cartoon HD App safe to download?

Cartoon HD APK : When you search the web for streaming or downloading movies, you get a series of different websites and a cascade of lists all claiming to stream your movie without an itch. Fair enough, you click on one such website and tens of thousands of ads start covering your page, the website starts claiming that your computer needs a new plugin to run the movie, you need to upgrade some random sounding driver and what not! Eventually, you are lulled into the world of malwares, spywares and other creepers. Sad reality.

But talking of CartoonHD apk, not only is the website free from such absurdity, even its app (on Android and iOS) is certified safe with a simple interface for everybody to understand. Searching the app stores, one will find plenty of doppelgangers. All the apps want to seek your attention, all apps lull you to download them. From fancy descriptions to fake ratings, from great artwork to splendid interface, both Play Store and App Store are full of those apps. One might question, are the alternatives shown on the app stores safe? The answer is a simple no. However might the user reviews appear to be appealing, there has always been a fine line between original and duplicate. This fine line is called trust, which CartoonHD has gained over the years.

There are plenty of tricksters who want to collect personal user data like bank/credit card details. So, before you are about to download any such malicious software, just give a second to read the permission-policy.

cartoon hd app

Cartoon HD vs. Netflix/HBO Go vs. IPTV- Why Cartoon HD APK App for Android is best?

We have talked quite much on CartoonHD, Netflix and HBO Go. Let us start off with IPTV. As the name suggests, IPTV works on the signals on IP (Internet Protocol), rather than the other widely used techniques. Just like other cable networks, IPTV uses set-top boxes as well. Anyway, VOD services fall under the IPTV category (roughly). CartoonHD has got a foreseen upper hand over IPTVs and other Video on Demand services, thanks to its free content. Apart from that, all the three provide best quality picture and video, but the latter two charge differently for different quality. A 4K video is more expensive than a 720p video. So, Cartoon HD APP breaks that barrier and provides the user a best in class video experience by streaming the best possible quality content. Just access the website or download the app and you’re good to go.

Originally, CartoonHD was launched on Apple’s App Store for £20 (as per certain reports), but due to its piracy-inducing nature, was taken down. Though, as of today, one might be able to download the app from the aforementioned website.

Download Cartoon HD App for Android-

Cartoon HD App : Due to its unavailability on the Play Store, one should download and install the app manually from . The Cartoon HD APK app (for Android) is downloaded in the .APK format which is the Android Application Package or the executable file for android. Following steps should be followed if someone is willing to download/install CartoonHD on his/her Android device-

How to Install Cartoon HD App for Android-

  • Download Cartoon HD .APK from
  • Go to settings, open security settings.
  • From there, enable Unknown Sources.
  • Locate the .APK file present on your device.
  • Open it and click on install.
  • Once installed, run it.

Download Cartoon HD App for iOS-

The app, though launched first on App Store, had to be taken down because of its illegal nature. But no worries, you can download/install it on your Apple device (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) easily. All you got to do is that, download the setup file, and yes, no jailbreak is required.

  • To start off, set the date on your device to 1st August, 2014. For that, go to settings > General > Date and Time, and change the date.

Note – Time does not matter.

  • Open the Safari browser, go to and click on the provided link to download the .IPA file for CartoonHD.
  • After downloading, click on install. The first time you will open the app, you will get the ‘Untrusted App Developer’ message. Relax, and press ‘Trust’. The app will now run on your iOS device. Enjoy! Cartoon HD App for iOS

Download CartonHD for Windows PC-

cartoon hd app

Cartoon HD for PC : For Windows PC, all you need is an operational computer system with an active internet connection. There isn’t any such application software for Cartoon HD for PC when it comes to Windows, so all one needs to do is have a working web browser with Adobe Flash Player support. Following steps should be taken to use CartoonHD on Windows-

How to use CartoonHD (Website)-

Just like other premium Video on Demand websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc., CartoonHD too offers a similar interface allowing easy access to a variety of genres in both, TV and movies. Its simplicity makes it easily accessible and apart from that, it provides plenty of other features too (free downloading being a prominent one), like creating your own personalized watch-list.

Using Cartoon HD App: Making your account, watch-list and playing movies and source-

  • Starting off, you may or may not make an account for yourself. If you do, you will have the option to customize your own watch-list. So, it is better if you register. Registration process is quite simple. One may even sign up via Google or Facebook. Best part, CartoonHD does not spam your emails.
  • Once signed in, you can track your favourite show or movies from the search bar. Almost every single television series / movie is present in their huge cloud. Sort the movies/shows as per their iMDb ratings, total viewership etc. They do provide options to choose from.
  • Next, adding shows/movies to your watch-list. Two options, either try to remember the name or best part, add it to your watch-list. Best thing about watch-list is that, it always shows on the top corner of your home whenever your sign in.

So, it seems now quite clear that not only is it easy to use, but easy to manage as well.

Thus, Cartoon HD apk app is an astounding app for television viewing and movie experience. From its easy to understand interface, to its appealing nature, the app has it all. All it needs is Android 2.3 (or iOS7 and above) and a decent internet connection and you’re good to go. No wonder the app got positive feedbacks from every user. So, if you don’t want to spend big bucks on Netflix and similar apps, then Cartoon HD app for android is surely your thing. Anyway, here we come to the end of the cool features of this app/website. Hope you people were given enough reasons to give it a try. Adios.

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