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Best Alternatives Of 9Apps Store


Amazon app store-

This comes just as the first alternative to 9apps. Its collection of apps is breath-taking. It is a small sized app and it comes for free. Its user interface is so simple that even a beginner will get used to it in no time. It offers all apps in apk format that is easy to download and it installs quickly. The best thing about amazon app store is that it offers one paid app each day to its users for completely free. There are top lists for the best apps of the week that have frequent updates so that you get only the very best.


GetJar is the oldest app store that ever existed, and since its beginning is has developed like anything. You can use it as an app to make it easily accessible or through the web to save unnecessary filling up of phone storage. The interface is based the Symbian devices so using it is easy. The innumerable apps are well organized and categorised into a lot of subcategories that helps the user to get familiar with their choice of the app and download it easily. It even guides the user through a simple process of installation so that a beginner won’t get screwed up. It is a user friendly app for everyone.


AppBrain is a heaven for those who don’t want to pay for premium apps. This is the place where premium apps are available for free. Actually this app fetches out the time when and where the developers of paid apps put up their apps for free and brings it to you. To refresh your old app menu, it provides hot apps of the day to users which is updates daily to bring you the newest apps and you get nothing less than amazing.


Aptoide is a bane for app lovers who can’t afford premium apps. Aptoide has an unbeatable user interface programmed in a way that it looks just like google play store. All its apps are checked to be malware and virus free and most importantly it is secure as your data can not get leaked even on servers. The main attraction of the app is its free price label on apps that are for a price on all other platforms. This app guides beginners through the complete downloading process including installation so it is easy to begin with as interface is given much importance,

Opera mobile market-

Opera browser has a built in app market with an uncountable amount of apps and games, all of them for free. As it is in built within the browser, the user will not need to give up extra space to get this app installed. All apps are tested to be free of virus and malware. Opera app market gives utmost importance to privacy and security, in which it has developed much. The user interface is impressive as it belongs to a similar look like the browser. It is a pretty good app to begin with.