9Apps Fast Download | Best Alternative App Store for Android Device! {Latest Version}

9Apps Fast Download

Best Alternative App Store for Android Device! {Latest Version}

9apps apk
Last Updated on 22nd August , 2018.

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9Apps Fast Download

9Apps is without a doubt the best App Store available in the market that is even better than your default app store in many areas. It is preferred by millions of satisfactory users that claim that 9Apps is much better than the old default app store which do not offer as much functions and features that 9Apps does. 9Apps fast download along with apps has music ringtones wallpaper cliparts and gifs  to share with your friends. It has advanced features like data compression Technology where data is saved by 9Apps while browsing and downloading. All the apps are in APK format so it takes a very little time of downloading and it installs quickly without internet need. The small sized apps take little internet to download and this is our 9Apps efficiently reduces data usage in downloading too.

Amazon app store-

Amazon app store is the next preferred app store when at times 9Apps is not available. Amazon app store has a sophisticated interface and enhanced recommendations and update notifiers. Amazon app store offers a feature of free app of the day where one paid app is hosted for free and you can download it legally. All the apps hosted are tested by antivirus and antimalware so that the safety of a user is guaranteed.
But in contrast 9Apps, Amazon app store has a small library of apps and they may be unupdated too. Also the recommendations by 9apps are more relevant than Amazon app store.


Mobogenie is the next most preferred app store as it has many apps including those that are available for a price on other stores. It also offers music movies wallpapers and themes too. The interface is very clean and sophisticated and appeals to the eyes. Mobogenie also offers multiple and background downloading so that you don’t have to wait for a long time to download an app and you can do that even without being active and the app. Mobogenie takes little space and automatically installs apps and hence you don’t have to install the App manually after it downloads.
But 9Apps is better in downloading speed and downloading functions that Mobogenie and sometimes Mobogenie can be laggy too.

Samsung Galaxy Apps-

This is pre installed in Android devices where users need to sign up and download apps. That is the least used and most underrated app store ever. The best thing has that you can download functions like camera add ons for your phone without giving up extra icon room for the app. All the apps are sorted and supports the device that you use and this prevents unmatching of models while downloading a particular function. The add ons on Samsung Galaxy apps are not available anywhere in the market. Hence it contains the best and only add ons made for your particular device model. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy Apps contains a very less amount of apps that mostly not useful. In this area 9Apps is a winner because it contains a big library of apps and all of them are useful.

F Droid –

F Droid is a new app store in the market.  it just released its stable version a few months ago. It has unique features like highlighting anti features in the app description like ads, in app purchase requirements or user tracking. It is focused on providing open source free software from around the world that are unknown to the users. It has an interface similar to the old version of google play store but features are fast and advanced. It offers a decent amount of anonymity by using HTTP proxy servers and repos hosted on Tor hidden services. It is designed to be used on censored and unreliable internet connections and hence is a useful store in the coming age.
But again, it lacks up to date application and in this case, 9apps takes the bet. 9apps offers all updated apps that F Droid can offer.

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