8 Ball Pool | Download 8 Ball Pool apk for Android !

Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Size: 2.0 MB
Downloads: 919875
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Updated: 14-08-2016
Licence: Free

Last Updated on 17th July , 2018.

8 Ball Pool | Download 8 Ball Pool apk for Android !

We’re Back With Yet another amazing game for which people are exited and they are making a lot of searches on search engines , People are Searching For 8 ball pool android hack apk ,  8 ball pool for android free download , 8 ball pool for android download . 8 ball pool apk  . 8 Ball Pool is a game by miniclip , designed by miniclip developers late in 2k12 and these days it is considered to be one of the best Game by miniclip and have a download of around 12 millions on Google App store.

We have to Eight-ball with a stick called a cue along with 16 balls 14 out of 15 balls are in the form of solid and strips and one is th black ball which is suppose to be hit after a player is done plotting his 7 balls in the hole. The players are assigned if they have to hit the strips ball or the solid one once the balls are shattered after the player hit the very first shot.!

Basically The objective of the game is to pocket the eight ball . A Player can only do that after all of the balls from a player’s assigned group are cleared from the table. That’s a wonderful game to be honest , you can straight away Download 8 Ball Pool  right now .The main objective of Miniclip’s project of 8 ball Pool was to build something clean, entertraining and easy to use for the users , which is completely noob friendly and can be played by anyone , the Players do simply have to press the large “Play” button and they would instantly see themselves in the presence of an opponent , that’s so simple and easy to use : they would be in their very first match with their rival . This was one of the main reasons behind Miniclip’s success, nothing was hard to understand while playing this really awesome game . The simplicity of it promoted popularity and the fanbase of this Game increased like anything.

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If a user makes a foul or scratch while playing his chance the ball will be passed to the other player along with the white ball in his hands which he can place anywhere on the table and can play any shot he wants , once the player is finished plotting the black ball in the hole the game ends , and the who has plotted the black ball after plotting all his balls is announced as the winner of the game . In the updated version of 8 Ball pool , few new kinds of games are released , the one in which no guidance is provided and the player has to play kind of bluff shots with no or less assurity of the fact if the ball is going to get inside the hole or not , that’s a really tough task to perform , another one is 9 ball pool , which is really fun , there are 9 balls instead of 8 balls and then the game is played between two players. Also 8 ball pool has announced some really exicting tournament where either you can win big or loose big , depends upon your skills. So download 8 Ball pool Now and see how much skills you got 😉

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